Thursday, March 25, 2010

Let's all "Speak out against Domestic Violence"

Help me "Speak out against Domestic Violence"

As most everyone knows, my daughter Abby and I are survivors of Domestic Violence! It is a cause that is very close to my heart and I want to get the message out there so please join me!!I am holding a fundraiser for the cause! Whether you live near me or far away you can help. I have partnered up with Party Lite Candles and together we are raising money for Domestic Violence Awareness.

It is real easy to help.

Two Sisiters Gourmet by Partylite
T630S $11
Mango Peach Salsa:
This wonderful combination of mango and peach with just awisp of heat is delicious right outof the jar or added to a recipe.

T320S $10Outrageously Garlic™ Blend:
A TSG original, this blend of “chunky”garlic, onion, paprika and other spiceswill immediately become a staple inyour spice rack.

T310S $10Over-the-Edge:
Herbed Spinach™ BlendYou’ll discover so many ways to enjoythis delicate blend of spinach, onion,garlic and dill.

Simply Lavender Set of 3 Sachets $15.00
Sachets filled with real lavender buds provide all the freshnessyou need for closets, drawers and linens.

Air FreshenersP2033 $10
Tamboti Safari™, Ginger Pumpkin, Apple Orchard
Set includes one of each fragrance. Refresh any small spacewhether it’s a car, office cubicle or closet.

Soap Gift Set (Set of 3)P2030 $15
Calm Waters™, Coconut Cove™, Strawberry Rubarb

Votive Sampler Set:
Set includes a holder and 12 votives
P2025 $22
Well Being Balance& Tamboti Safari™

P2023 $22
Mangosteen Splash™& Tropical Waterfall

P2024 $22
Apple Orchard& Black Raspberry™

TeaLight Sets:
Set Includes a holder and 18 tealights

P2021 $22
Strawberry Fields™

P2020 $22

P2018 $22
French Vanilla

Mini Barrell Jars:
Set includes 2 mini barrell Jars

P2028 $22
Honeydew& Grapefruit Fresh™

P2027 $22
Apricot Daisy™& Bamboo Mist

P2029 $22
Well Being Balance& Essence of Lavender

Paypal account adress:
You can pay via paypal and I will ship them to you! If you are local you can pay by cash or check and I will hand deliver them you. Send me a message if you would like more information.25% of all sales will go to the "Speak out Against Domestic Violence foundation"So again PLEASE help with this amazing cause!!!

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