Friday, February 12, 2010

Wife, Mother, Pageant Princess!!

Hello to all,

Welcome to my newest blog! I have had an exciting year and a half. The start of it cronicled in my first blog page @ I decided to create another blog that will continue to share my life and where it goes. As 2010 started I asked myself.. "Do I want to compete again?" My answer was an overwhelming yes! I enjoyed the experience of the Mrs Oregon America Pageant. I loved the women I met along the way. I felt so beautiful and elegant on the stage. So why wouldn't I want to continue. I looked at many pageant systems, and found Beauties of America. I sent in my application to be an "at large" contestant at nationals for the State of Oregon and I was chosen as Oregon's 30's Beauties of America. I will be heading to Myrtle Beach SC August 12 - 15 for the national pageant. And again I am excited about the journey, and the wonderful women I will meet along the way. And will be more than honored to watch Debra Gilmore Crown the New Beauties of America 50's. She is a smart and beautiful woman and I really look up to her!

I do hope and plan to compete in Mrs Oregon America again. Libby was an amazing director and is a great mentor and help. Her advice is unsensored and I really like that about her. With her on my side I know I can accompish my goals.

I will do all of this with my soul mate and love of my life Brian by my side! As well as the support of all my friends and families.

Many apparenances will be scheduled and I look forward to seeing everyone out and about!!

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